Wednesday 28 September - 8pm
- Free Entrance

BREATH MOVE 231 I Performance animated by Sophie Dupont and Philippe Cohen.

RDV the 28 of September @ 8pm :

The Danish performance artist Sophie Dupont invites fellow human beings to participate as passengers on a train trip in her performance “BREATH moves 231”. Dupont’s performance is based on collaboration with musician and composer Philippe Cohen Solal. Solal’s remix of Pacific 231 composed in 1923 by Arthur Honegger constitute the acoustic resonance of Dupont’s collaborative performance. Pacific 231 consists of five main sections movements. Each of the sounds are elements of a train and the different soundscapes generated before, during, and at the conclusion of its trip.

Dupont’s situated and site specific performance focus on the different breaths of the machine in motion. Her performance responds to the industrial heritage, to so-called progress. Dupont takes inspiration from this piece by moving her body into the different rhythms and soundscapes with a focus on the locomotive’s different rhythms. During the journey, Dupont invites the visitors to be passengers by following her breathing in the different motions.

In BREATH MOVES 231 Dupont takes us through a journey into all the different temperaments of the breath. By breathing the performance investigates the connectedness in the act of breath. Breathing is a constant exchange between our inner and outer world. It is a bridge between past and future. The breath is right now, our life rhythm. Trembling or fast, slow, hesitant or deep. Always present. The breath is a spiritual connection with the world through corporeality, and it reminds us of the primordial power of the body. Our life from birth to death is spiritual. We cultivate our breath to live in coexistence and balance. Our breath inspires us to be born again and again into a caring world. The inspiration is always present.

Sophie Dupont :

For almost a decade, Sophie Dupont has explored the basic conditions of man.Withan MFA in visual art from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and studies of dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, she puts her body in the center of organized and choreographed performances. She has performed in museums and Galleries around the world and is represented in the NationalGallery of Denmark. Using her body as a medium, material, and tool, breathing has become the most important starting point for Dupont’s performative works, consistently realized through her work entitled Marking Breath. She works with an exchange between objects, body, and space, which often focus on the balance between concepts such as materiality/immateriality, physicality/spirituality, body/soul, and the abstract and concrete. Dupont’s performative artistic research always has an Eco-centric starting point and become holistic explorations of the connections between subjects and world. Her multisensory embodied connectedness to theworld challenges gender, ethnicity, eroticism, and spirituality

Philippe Cohen Solal :

For more than three decades now, Philippe Cohen Solal has been making his mark as an electronic music architect and self-taught composer, having worked in many different areas of music production from A&R to soundtracks, as well as DJ-ing and making records.

He founded his own label, ¡Ya Basta! Records, in 1996.¡ to release his projects, such as The Boyz from Brazil and Stereo Action Unlimited.

In 1999 he co-founded Gotan Project, an ambitious balance of electronic music and tango, the trio evolved and were then joined by a large group of musicians. This concoction went on to produce the –must have– album, La Revancha del Tango. Gotan Project has sold more than four million copies to date worldwide, and played over 450 concerts from Rio to New York, Montreux and Tokyo, not to mention in some of the most prestigious venues in Europe.

Meanwhile, Philippe Cohen Solal wrote and composed his solo album, which he then recorded in the countryside near Nashville, Tennessee. This country/bluegrass album, Solal presents The Moonshine Sessions, is made up of personal, acoustic songs, and upon its release in 2008 was praised by international press from Paris all the way to Sydney.

Philippe also co-composed and produced Talé, album of the golden voice of Africa, Salif Keita, and collaborated with various artists such as Pierre Henry, Scritti Politti, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Roots Manuva, Angelique Kidjo, Keziah Jones, Horace Andy, Chassol, Adrien Brody, Roberto Fonseca, Dr John, ...

In 2021, has been released the critically acclaimed OUTSIDER album, inspired by the American outsider artist Henry Darger. Alongside Mike Lindsay (Tunng) they composed and produced a collection of song based on Darger’s unpublished lyrics sung by the young Mancunian crooner Adam Glover and the Nothern Irish artist Hannah Peel.

Philippe Cohen Solal has co-directed « OUTSIDER, a short film inspired by Henry Darger » broadcasted simultaneously by 8 museums around the world, to celebrate Darger’s anniversary on April 14th 2021.

On February 2022, he released his new album « The Human Seasons » with Argentinian maestro Gustavo Beytelmann on piano.